Which will you take as a profession? Freelancing or affiliate marketing.

You’re fine. Yes, of course you are well. The thing I’m going to discuss today is what you see as a career. Freelancing or affiliate marketing.

Freelancing and affiliate marketing are two different professions but both professions are glorious in their own right! Then there are some differences between them.

So let’s discuss.


  1. Freelancing is basically what we mean by roaming freely or working freely. That means you can work wherever you want, the way you want, no one will stop you. But that’s actually what happens.
  2. Freelancing is an active source of income which means you will earn exactly as much as you work!
  3. To get a job you have to sit in the path of your desired buyer.
  4. Give them 20% of your hard earned money because you depend on the marketplace. Tell me if it feels good.
  5. It also goes without saying that you do not have a rating in the marketplace because the account of a seller I have seen is banned with 20,000+ reviews without any permission!
  6. There are many times when you work as an outsider. When you submit the work at the end of the work. Then the buyer went offline without taking your money. Then you will not find him. What will happen as a result of your cost is gone. On the contrary, they suspended me because you contacted the support.
  7. You have no freedom here. You have to follow the orders of the buyer.
  8. You can’t go anywhere well even if you want to. When you have to work, you have to finish the fertilizer at night.
  9. When you submit after the work is done, you have to be afraid. If you give any bad feedback.
  10. You have to stay up all night to bid. To get a new job.
  11. If you have a running project, you have to work all night to finish it!
  12. You have to pay a few dollars on a monthly basis to work.

The above mentioned things made me reluctant to be a freelancer and since then I have wanted to choose a profession where there would be no restrictions, no bias, lots of time and freedom. One such profession is affiliate marketing. Discussed:

Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Affiliate marketing is a passive income source, that is, even if you are not directly involved in the income that is called passive income!
  2. Have your own web site.
  3. Day and night can be combined for 4 hours.
  4. Available in many times. Then you can give time to friends and my family.
  5. Who can go for a walk with the family.
  6. You are the boss in affiliate marketing. Because you are completely independent, there is no one here to command you.
  7. Income and good. You do not have to work hard after a certain time.
  8. Although it took a while for the first verse to come, the future is much better.
  9. There are many more qualities of affiliate marketing that can’t be overstated.

After reading my article, maybe you will understand which profession is necessary for you. And no work should be done. To build a beautiful career online, so why delay? Start your journey in affiliate marketing today.

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