What is Domain Authority (DA) and why is it important?

When we go to submit a guest post or buy an old domain, we often check the domain authority of the blog. Because DA is an important element in testing the quality of a blog. In fact, I had to do a lot of research to find the real power of DA. And then slowly I realize it.

Now, I am fully aware of this important issue and I want to make my readers well aware of it. In this blog post, I will let you know everything about what domain authority is, how to check and extend it. So you can use the information to improve your blog.

What is domain authority?

What do you mean by domain authority? Moz introduced the term to show how capable a domain is in ranking with different keywords in SERPs. DA is displayed in numbers and is measured between 0 and 100. The more DA a domain has, the better its ranking power.
Domain authority is a combination of many elements that help a domain rank in search engine results. Here are some important reasons to consider DA:

Total number of links
Links to root domains
MozTrust etc.

There are many free tools that allow you to test your site’s DA. Be aware that DA takes some time to update, so you should check your site’s DA from time to time, not on a daily basis. Then it will be good for your domain.

You can test the ranking power of a site by looking at its DA. Also, it reveals the number of healthy links to a site. So, you can easily decide whether you will write a guest post on a site.

Just by observing DA, you can check the progress of your site over time. When typing in keywords, you can also check competitors ’sites’ DAOs to analyze how easy it will be to rank keywords.

It is called domain authority when it comes to root domain authority, but when it comes to authority over a single web page of a site, it is called page authority (PA). For this reason, when someone shows the performance of his blog, they only publish DA and PA scores.

Different web pages of a site may have different page authority scores. In the past, domain authority and page authority were considered to be a great ranking score, but this is now declining over time. The reason is that many bloggers just want to increase their blog’s ‘DA and PA’ by doing the wrong thing.

For this reason, you may even experience that a web page with a 1 PA score is ranking on the first page of search engines.

However, domain authority has been introduced by Moz as a score for blog rankings. When ranking them in SERPs, a blog’s DA score is measured by how much it matches with its various keywords.

How to check domain authority?

Now that you want to DA test your popular sites, how do you do that? It’s very simple and now, I’m showing you it. To check the domain authority of any site, there are many online tools available.

You can use any tool to verify both DA and PA of a site.

Here, I will show you how to verify the domain authority of a site using MOZ Backlink Checker. So, let’s see how this can be done

First, you need to go to the backlink checker web page by clicking on this link.


When landing the site you will see the backlink checker box below. This is the box where you have to leave the link of the site or web page required to test its DA. To do this, you must first go to that site.

Which you want to check the DA score. Paste his URL in this box. Then press the “Search” button and wait a few seconds. Over time, you will see the report of backlink checking including DA and site PA.

So, you can follow the above method for DA search of any site. Note that DA is the ever-changing score. So, today’s DA of any site is not like yesterday. Blog properly and ethically, then you will see that the DA of your site is increasing day by day.

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Stay well.

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