What are the reasons for suspension of Fiverr account?

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What are the reasons for the suspension of the Fiverr account?

Fiverr You are working, but you do not know how to work, you may be suspended from Fiverr. Freelancers have been working hard for a long time on Fiverr and after creating a good profile, if for some reason that profile is suspended, it is very difficult for a freelancer.

It is very difficult to start all over again from scratch. If we are a little careful, we can avoid the account being banned. Fiverr suspends accounts for violating their Rules. Many of us work without reading Fiverr’s Terms of Service and break the rule without knowing it. 

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So you need to know the reasons why the account may be banned. The rules that usually suspend a Fiverr account are:

1. If you use more than one account with the same name, your account will be suspended.

2) If you do not submit the work within the specified time after receiving the work order, the account may be suspended.

3) If you tell your buyer in a text message or gig unprofessional then there is a possibility of suspension.

3) If you create your gig by copying from someone else’s gig, that account will be suspended.

4) If you do fake gig sales and review.

5) If you share any of your personal information with your buyer on Fiverr, Fiverr will suspend your account!

6) If you copy-paste another’s gig image, it will suspend.

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7) Gig’s title and gig description will suspend any copy-paste.

6) If you share any link in Gig, you will be suspended.

9) If a PayPal account or a Pioneer account is linked to more than one Fiverr account, it can be dangerous.

10) Even if you open more than one account with the same information, there is a risk of danger.

11) Fiverr suspends the Fiverr account if it tries to bring any client out of Fiverr.

12) Asking a buyer to make a payment outside of Fiverr, or agreeing to such a request from a buyer.

13) Spamming inside Fiverr, giving unnecessary messages to buyers, sending extra custom offers without any reason.

14) Talking insultingly to any buyer or seller about religion, caste, race, etc.

15) Gig’s description, image, or something else to copy from another gig.

16) Adult / Pornography to offer any such gig.

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There are many other reasons why the account is suspended. If anyone has more information, you can let us know in the comments. Hope everybody on this site also had a great day! So that the account can be protected from suspension.

These are the main reasons why your account is suspended. There are several other reasons why your Fiverr account may be disabled. They are-

1. If one account is connected to more than one device.

2. If using share IP.

3. Then there are multiple accounts on one PC.

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