How to Open & Earn Money “Vitae. co” (Reviews of 2021)

     Life-changing “Vitae. co”

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Vitae. co is a great place for social media and future income. Social change is happening around the world. Of course, you know it and are watching it. You are one of them and you are still alive.

You can also learn about Vitae. co. Curious, you probably heard it and ended up here. Maybe you’ve already explored Vita and accepted it.

           Welcome you because you are on the right path.

The Vita concept is in tune with this new world and its changes. One of the sources of income for the present and the future. Company Information:

This company is registered in Switzerland and Head Office- Belgium. Switzerland is a 0% corrupt country and the legal system of this country is so good where there is no corruption. Fully Decentralized Company & Blockchain. There are many ways you can earn money from here.

What is (What is Vitae. Co?)

Vitae. co is a Social Media Platform through which it is possible to earn a good amount of money and now people all over the world are earning. is a full-fledged social media site like Switzerland-based Facebook.

The world has been working for the last 5 years to bring about a revolutionary change in social media and has been working as perfect and powerful software. In this platform, social media platform users get rewarded or (commission) for their actions. Where everyone is making excellent income as well as using full social media.

Ways to earn money from this site: –
The only ways you can earn money are: –

  1. Like
  2. Share the post
  3. By commenting

There are also many more ways to be 100% sure you can earn from here. I’m doing it myself. And telling you who.

Share Market

You get 0.02 on credits every time someone shares your post. To share someone’s post, you pay 0.10 credit. These 0.10 credits are divided proportionally between 5 persons, where the owner always receives 0.02 credits.

Note: The principal is the owner of the post.

Recipients can keep 50% of these earnings for them. The other 50% will become share power. When the share power balance is 0.60,

The owner can then buy a UNIT of 150 choices and give it directly to the referral. When this grant-in-aid UNIT fills a garden matrix,

The owner will earn $344.00 credits over time and the sponsor 100.00 credits. Hope you understand.

Here are three more important ways to earn money: –

4.Garden Income
5.Purpose Income
6.Destiny Income

Garden Income:

$344 income per unit can be made through Garden Matrix. A maximum of 20 units can be purchased in 1 day. Maximum 20 * $344 = $6880 income can be made in 1 day. To buy 1 unit, your cost will be 060 cents. And Tata understands what the income will be.

Purpose Income:

Positions are filled in sequence using the “Sponsor Forced” system, which fills evenly from left to right. You can see the table below.

By sending Sponsor / Refer code to someone on the Purpose income label, 30% of their income can be made into lifetime income. You will work hard once and you will earn from it for the rest of your life.

The label below explains what kind of income will be in any label:

Destiny Income:

Destiny Income means “luck or possibility”. If you join the last week of the month according to company rules. However, the company gives you a gift of $200 dollars. You will get it once. If you are lucky you can earn $200 from here.

Free Registration: –

(1st method) You can earn income by opening an account for free but the amount of income will be much less. All you need to do in your form to register for free: –

  1. You need to click on the registration link to sign up for a free account.

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২। Free Registration

3. You need to verify your email address.

4. Email verification PIN number will come then click Next Step.

5. Then click Next Step. And

6. Now here you have to upload your Profile Picture and Cover Images. Then you have to click Next Step.

7. Then you need to fill in your personal details. Write everything correctly. Don’t misrepresent anything. Remember that you will earn money from here and you will not be able to open more than one or two accounts in your whole life. So understand slowly then start.

  1. Don’t forget to create a wallet address to get your free like unit (150 likes). Make sure the address.

This way a free account can be opened. However, it has not started for free yet, so if you want to earn money by working here, you must update the account with money. From then on you will be able to earn unlimited income.

Premium Registration

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(2nd method) You can give a lot of income opportunities to a successful network like Purpose Matrix, so you can earn a huge amount.

You need to open a Premium Member or Verified Member account == $ 210. Bengali Taka comes to around Tk. 19500 (Income Unlimited). When you earn a good amount from here, you can give your close relatives or friends the opportunity to earn this income.

And this way you can earn from this purpose metrics by referring. If you update your account by registering premium now, you will get a 10 like bundle bonus gift.

You can also do Premium Registration automatically after opening a free account. It contains your previous information. As well as verifying your email and mobile number.

And the amount of dollars required to be a Premium Member or Verified Member is: – $ 199.99 is deducted. You need to buy regular units to increase your income later.

Finally, I would like to say again,

It is a social network system similar to Facebook. Currently, the social network system is a trillion-dollar market. The source of income in this market is the user’s Like, comments and Shares. And so the Vitae system considers your Like very important and valuable. So in exchange for Like, it distributes about 90% of the total income of the company among all the users. So don’t delay, open your valuable account today and earn for the rest of your life.

If you like reading the articles, be sure to share them with your friends. Your well-thought-out opinion is highly desirable to me. So if you have any opinion on this, please comment below. I will gladly review your comments and try to reply. Stay well.

It is the Best Social Media Site. I Like It. I hope so you like this site. Sign up for this site and Earn unlimited dollars.

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