Namecheap Vs DreamHost Discussion (Review of 2021)


Namechep vs. Dreamhost


The Namecheap often comes to mind when it comes to cost-effectiveness in hosting. And Dreamhost is a good hosting company that offers a variety of hosting packs.


So, today I want to show you a comparison between Namecheap and Dreamhost. This will allow you to know better about it.


Here are their features to compare hosting companies.


Speed ​​or speed of dreams


Dreamhost’s speed score, 40 miles, is really a great speed. So, Dreamhost has a high-speed server.

What about namespace server speed? Let’s check it with Bitcoin’s server speed checker. Namecheap server speed test results here.



Server type


NameCheap only has Linux-based servers for their hosting plans. So, if you prefer to host your site on a Windows-based server then the hosting company may disappoint you.

So You cannot consider Dreamhost as the winner in this section because the hosting company only provides Linux-based servers.




You will be happy when it comes to the price of Namecheap because all the prices of the company’s products are quite reasonable. If you check out the company’s Value Hosting Pack, you’ll be amazed at the price is surprisingly cheap.


Disk space and bandwidth


While there is ample space provided with hosting packs, none of the Namecheap hosting packs provide unlimited storage. And all Namecheap hosting packs come with unmarried bandwidth.


On the other hand,


Dreamhost brings an unlimited amount of bandwidth and disk space to each of its hosting packs.


Free domain


Namecheap does not provide any free domains with hosting packs. This seems to be a disappointing feature of the hosting company even though you will be happy to see the cheap prices of hosting packs.



Control panel


Namecheap provides cPanel as a control panel to control your website.


1-click installer


In this part, Namecheap will not disappoint you. This is because the hosting company provides SoftClass to install different scripts according to your needs.


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