InMotion Hosting Plan & Price. (Reviews of 2021)


InMotion Hosting Plan & Price


You know that there are different types of Inmotion Hosting plans. Many of you are very interested in the hosting plan of Inmotion Hosting as hosting services are at the forefront. So in this post, I will talk about all the hosting plans of Inmotion Hosting.


Now I will start discussing all the hosting plans of Inmotion Hosting one by one. So that you can know better about them. And you can buy the hosting pack of your choice from here.


So let’s start the discussion without delay. Through this, you can buy the hosting pack as you like.



WordPress hosting


The names of the WordPress hosting packs are the same as the shared hosting packs of Inmotion Hosting. Here you will find the same names for WordPress hosting –


1.The great thing about all WordPress packs is that they offer unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and email hosting.

2.A free domain is available with each pack.

3.There are also some variants in the configuration.

4.The launch pack is capable of hosting 2 sites whereas the power pack can host 6 sites.

5.And professional planning comes with unlimited website hosting features.

6.Also, the Power Hosting Pack claims to be 2x stronger than the launch plan. The PR pack, on the other hand, has 4X performance.

7.The only Pro WordPress hosting pack from InMotion Hosting provides pro-level support.


Below is the price list of WordPress Hosting: –



VPS hosting


Now is the time to talk about Info Hosting’s VPS hosting packs. Here are the hosting packs –

There are 3 VPS hosting packs here. Check the configuration of the hosting packs.

Here you will find free server management facilities. This feature comes with all VPS hosting packs from Inmotion Hosting.

VPS hosting packs include cPanel and WHP to manage websites.

In this hosting pack, you will see the benefits that include cPanel and WHP.

A free solid-state drive facility is available.

Their SSD is 20x faster than a normal server

Unlocked CPU cores. This feature is great for the company.

It does not reduce the power of the CPU by allocating a limited number of cores.

The price list of VPS Hosting is given below: –


Dedicated Hosting Solutions


Dedicated hosting packs from Inmotion Hosting come with ultimate power and privacy.

Here are 3 of the 6 dedicated hosting packs –

Underlying hosting plan

Here are the other 3 dedicated hosting packs of Inmotion Hosting –

Inmotion Hosting Dedicated Plan 2

1.Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

2. Bare Metal Servers

Here are some common features of all dedicated packs: –

SSD ensures faster performance.

Guaranteed SSD performance.

20X faster hosting can be expected using solid-state drives.

Free Cpanel and WHM.

All dedicated hosting packs from Inmotion Hosting serve free panels with WHM.

So, managing your website becomes very easy with the help of these tools.

100% uptime guarantee. This is an amazing guarantee.

30-day money-back guarantee.

You know that Inmotion Hosting offers 90 days refund. This period is for their shared hosting plan only.

One good thing about Inmotion Hosting’s dedicated hosting plan is that it has a lifetime discount. This means you don’t have to renew hosting packs at regular prices. The discounts you get today on dedicated hosting packs will last forever without any increase. Isn’t this a great offer?


The price list of Dedicated Hosting Solutions is given below: –


Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Bare Metal Servers


Inmotion sharing hosting


The shared hosting plan of the hosting company is also known as business hosting. The cost of business hosting is the same as shared hosting.
Emotion Hosting has 3 powerful shared hosting packs: –


Features of Emotion Sharing Hosting: –


Pricing and configuration variants are available in hosting packs. All hosting packs have some common features which include:

Get free domain service.
Get a free SSD drive.
Has unlimited storage and bandwidth facilities.
Get unlimited email accounts and storage facilities.
There is a free data backup service
Get a free 1-click installer to install scripts.
There is a 90-day money-back period facility.
Free website builder
Responsive support


You will also see some differences in the following features: –

MySQL Database:

The 3 shared hosting packs support 2, 50, and an unlimited number of MySQL databases, respectively.

Website Hosting: –

Hosting packs differ in hosting different numbers of websites and the launch plan has the capacity to host only 2 sites. Where the power plan allows 4 more. And professional planning includes an unlimited website hosting feature.


The following is a list of shared hosting prices: –


InMotion Hosting also has 3 reseller hosting packs. They are: – All reseller hosting packs are prepared with many interesting features. So, you can also expect reliable hosting from Inmotion Hosting reseller packs.

Finally, I can give the hosting company an overall rating and it is not less than 4. The hosting company is very strong, you can start your website reliably in any website’s hosting pack.


The following is a list of Reseller hosting prices: –


Finally, my last message in this post is that you should check the hosting packs of Emotion Hosting by yourself and then, decide which of them to use. Then get started.


Inmotion Hosting

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