How to withdraw money from Fiverr?

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How to withdraw money from Fiverr?

Fiverr Payment Method:

Fiverr will be deducted as a charge of $1 per $ 5. If you earn $5, you will get $4. You will be able to withdraw money 15 days after the buyer announces the completion of each work.

Money can usually be withdrawn from Fiverr in Bangladesh by Payoneer Card. Withdrawals can be made directly through ATM booths via Pioneer Debit Card.

Moreover, withdraw money by adding a bank account directly to the Fiverr After depositing money in your seller account, you can withdraw money in 3 ways – Fiverr Revenue Card, Paypal, or Bank Transfer.

Fiverr Revenue Card:

After depositing money in your Fiverr account, you can apply for Fiverr Revenue Card, which is Payoneer‘s MasterCard. Or if you already have an account at Payoneer, you can add that account to Fiverr

Those who do not have a Payoneer account can open a free Payoneer account by clicking here. Sign Up Free

A minimum of $ 20 can be withdrawn through Fiverr Revenue Card.


If you have a Paypal account, you can transfer your Fiverr money directly to your Paypal account. When you first withdraw to a PayPal account, you need to add your Paypal account to Fiverr

Since there is no Paypal in Bangladesh, you can use the Paypal account of someone you know in another country to withdraw in this way.

Bank Transfer:

You can transfer the money earned in Fiverr directly to any bank in Bangladesh if you want. For Bank Transfer, Fiverr charges $ 3 per withdrawal.

A minimum of $ 50 can be withdrawn through Bank Transfer.

If you have any questions about Fiverr’s withdrawal, you can comment directly, everyone will be fine, earn much more from Fiverr.

I believe you can earn a lot more from Fiverr.


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