How to Install WordPress (Reviews of 2021)

Install WordPress in a very easy way


How are you friends I hope you are well and I wish you all the best? So today I have come to you with a brand new subject. Which is how to install WordPress. People who want to open a website for a blogger or their own organization most of the time open the site using WordPress.

Because WordPress is a very popular site for opening a website. If you want to use the most popular CMS or content management system WordPress today, you have to install it first and you can do this whole thing very easily. You do not have to worry about that. Let’s not know how to install WordPress.


How to install WordPress is discussed


If you want to install WordPress, you have to install it on your own hosting. So I will tell you step by step how to install WordPress on your website.

1.Many people think that installing WordPress on a website is probably a difficult task. But not at all because now there are many one-click installers through which you can easily install WordPress, one of which is Softaculous. You can install WordPress from here without any hassle.

2.You need to buy a domain and hosting before installing WordPress. You can buy it from any main company. My favorite site is Namecheap. You can buy this site.

3.With the User Name and Password that you will get from there, you will enter your Control Panel (Control Panel) or C Panel (cPanel).

4.After entering Control Panel or C Panel, scroll down. Then you will see that there is an option called Softaculous Apps Installer. There you will find different CMS. Since you will be installing WordPress you will need to click on WordPress.

5.A new page will appear. You will see there is an option called Install Now. Click there.

6.You will need to provide some information about your website on the next page. First, you will see that there is a Choose Protocol. And there is a box in front. From there you are like you

Select a protocol. These are like http: // or https: // or https: // www or http: // www

7.Then you will see there is Choose Domain. Here you will give the address of your website along with the domain.

8.Then there is an option called In Directory. You don’t have to write anything here.

9.Later you will see that there is a Site Name. Name your site here.

10.In the next option, write a little description of your site.

11.The next option does not have to be filled. Whatever is there will remain.

12.Then see Admin Username and Password. Here you enter your name and password.

13.See below there is an admin email. Enter your email address here.

14.Then the following options will remain as they are. Nothing needs to change.

15.You will see at the bottom that you are asked to select a theme. You will select a theme of your choice. Which you can change later.

16.Then finally click on Install with the email that you gave in the admin email above you or any other email.

The business is over. This way you can easily install WordPress on your website. Without any hassle. You can do this sitting in your room. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments and if you like them, please share.

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Stay well.

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