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How to bring web post on the first page of Google ranking: –



There are many benefits to improving search engine rankings. You need to review your site to improve your site and get a lot of traffic to the site. The best thing you can do is increase the search engine ranking of a webpage and get more organic traffic.



Because no matter how much you work, if you don’t visit your site, you will not get any benefit. Knowing how to improve the rankings of any Google post is also helpful in making money online! If you know how to rank a post in the SERPs, you can earn more. If you just write good posts and don’t know how to rank them, you won’t get people to read your content.



So you need to learn how to improve your SERPs web page ranking. And in this blog post, I will share ways to increase the search engine ranking of a webpage with my proven methods.



I have been working online for six years. While working here, I have encountered different problems at different times.  And tried to solve it myself. I have learned a lot with the help of online. And today I’m earning a fairly good amount of dollars. My site traffic is good.



I’m working more. I will share with you what I have learned through my personal experiment. I hope you will benefit.



Here are the steps to increase the search engine ranking of your webpage (blog post). Think about reading all the lines carefully. Then you can learn how to rank your website. Then give more: –



Step-1. Check the response of the page: –



First, make sure that the webpage you are ranking in the SERPs is responsive. The responsive page means the page can be attached to any size screen.



To view the page from different devices with different sized screens. If you find that the post is not responsive or is having trouble loading on different screens, you must resolve the issue as soon as possible. If you are late, there may be problems.



There are lots of WordPress responsive themes here. So you can buy a decent Theme for free or from thousands of options. You can buy the Theme of your choice from the famous theme and plugin site Themeforest.



Even then, I am talking about my five favorite WordPress Themes. If you like it, you can buy it.


2. The7

3. Flatsome

4. BeTheme

5. Bridge



Step-2. Need to check page speed: –



Then check if your webpage is fast enough. You must check the speed of the whole webpage, not the whole website this time. So drop the URL of the post that you want to improve the ranking in the speed test box. Your webpage should maintain a decent speed. The score of 85 to 90 on PageSpeedInsight is very good.



Step-3. The current location needs to be checked: –



After making the webpage faster and better responsive, check the current ranking of posts now. You can check it out from Google Search Console or SEMrush. Then you must check the current position of your post with the actual search in search engines. It will show you the real-time results that are most recent.



Is your post ranking with single or multiple keywords? If there are multiple keywords, note them all down and move on to the next step.



Step-4. Spatial keywords need to be analyzed.



The first thing you need to do is analyze the keywords. Here are the things you should check with all the keywords mentioned –



Short-tail, or long-tail

Monthly average search volume



The first thing to note is the competition of your keywords in the post. You must take that keyword as your main target keyword for the post that is in the lowest competition.



Using SEMrush shows your keyword competition. Check it out: – You should check your “KD” section for SEMrush keyword trouble analysis. The lower the number, the higher the chances of ranking for the keyword. So, choose the keyword that shows SEMrush’s lowest KD score.



You should also check if your selected minimum KD keyword is long-tailed. If it’s a short word, add a relevant word or two to make it a long-tailed keyword.



And you should also check your monthly average search volume. Suppose your selected minimum KD and long-tail keyword are searched only 10 times per month, but even if you can rank your post with the keyword, you will not get decent traffic. So, you must search for the keyword in a decent search.



Step-5. Top contestants online need to analyze blog posts.



Search with your main target keywords and visit the first 3 results. Go to those posts and try to analyze what additional or best things the posts put at the top of the SERP. And follow the features of the top posts that are missing in your post. And choose which of these is more effective for your website.



Step-6. Use the main target keywords at the beginning of the post: –



You should try to put the original target keyword at the beginning of your post if it is not already there. This practice will definitely determine the location of your post. So when you write about something, you must use the main target keyword of your writing.



Step-7. Unique title: –



Now check if your web page title is unique. If it is not unique, create a unique title using the original keyword.



Changing the title will not have a negative effect on any indexed post. So you need to make the title of your site unique.





Step-8. URL cannot be changed: –



Your post URL should not change. So always keep the URL of the post in such a way even if you see that the URL does not contain the original target keyword. However, under no circumstances should the URL of your post be changed. This can cause problems with the URL you are posting.



Step-9. Here are some keyword specific rules: –



Most keyword meanings place target keywords in specific positions in your posts. I already mentioned that you should put your keyword at the beginning of your post.



So you have to maintain some rules and regulations of keyword specialization. There are 2 to 3 more important places where you should try to keep the keyword or its LSI keyword.



Step-10. The correct classification should be followed: –



Maintenance is very important to make a thing look balanced. Whenever you write a webpage, it should also have some classification balance.



A well-formatted web page can be written with proper use of title tags. I can see that most bloggers fail to maintain good header tag usage. I was unaware of it, but now I have learned how to do it the right way.



Step-11. Check internal, outbound, and backlinks of writing: –



Make sure there are some internal and external links inside your post. You must add relevant posts to the post you want to rank well. Also, your posts should interconnect (compose anchor text). For outbound links, you must choose quality blog posts for links. Linking to inferior posts will hurt your post ranking.



Then check if there are any outbound links for your post. If the post has no backlinks, you should try to get some authoritative backlinks. But never spam or use unethical means of backlinks. If you find that your post was associated with a lot of low-quality or broken links, you can remove the denied links through the Google Search Console.



Best Affiliate Marketing Site

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formula desk.   SEMrush     Amazon AssociatesI theme.




Step-12. Delete keyword density: –



Where most SEO experts tell you to maintain a certain keyword density, I suggest you destroy it! You should write the whole post without looking at a certain level of keyword density. Google has become very smart with other search engines, and if they see that a keyword has been used many times in a post, they consider it a black hat strategy.



They will simply ignore your post when ranking. All you can do is use some LSI keywords from the originally targeted keywords. It will make the most naturally written and bring a lot of variety to it.



Step-13. Remove bold or italics from keywords: –



It is another breaking point in the conventional practice of using bold and italics. If you make your target keyword bold or italic, search engines will take it negatively. So you should bold or italicize the words on your site that are not your target keywords.



Step-14. You must post at least 2500 words: –



Check the word count of your blog post. Is it written in simple language and less than 2500 words? If so, add more words to it. Try to post it at least 2500-words. You are wondering why I would write more than 2500 words. Well, statistics show that a post of more than 2450 words ranks better in the SERPs.



So if you can create posts longer than them, you can be one step ahead of your competitors, especially with 2500 words. This is a very important aspect of any new post.



If you want to make writing quality, I think you can use Grammarly Software. Because it will make the quality of your writing as easy on the one hand and the other hand it will correct the grammar of your writing. So you can use Grammarly Software.



Step-15. You have to check the images given on the web site.



Google does not say much about the images given on your web site. You are allowed to copy and paste them. Even then you should be aware of the image in your post in this step. Check to see if you have provided some relevant and interesting images.



Also, make sure the images are properly optimized, and don’t forget to compress them before using them in your post. You can use a good plugin like WP Smush for image compression.



Step-16. Header tags must be standard and cannot be bolded: –



If you have bolded some title tags you may get bad results in the rankings. Bolding the title tag makes the coding look ugly. As search engines read the codes, so your codes look good.



So if you see that some title tags are getting bold, you should remove the bold from them.



Step-17. Create a good quality score: –



You can post your writing on various social sites, good web sites. And to get good traffic, you can apply according to the country. In this way, you will see one time your site will be a good quality score.



Step-18. Can use multimedia.



You can use lightweight multimedia such as video and PowerPoint presentation embedding, image attachment, and audio in your written post. No matter what multimedia you use, your webpage needs to be kept light. Otherwise, you may feel a slower pace with your post.



Step-19. Use call to action in meta description: –



Many bloggers are not paying attention to writing meta descriptions because they have heard that it has no SEO benefits. But you still have to write a meta description of your post which must have a hard call to read it.



Because you can only increase the CTR (click-through rate) by making a call to action copy in the meta description of your post. Increasing CTR tells search engines that your blog post is worth reading along with other posts that have been ranked with it.



The meta description appears under a post heading in the SERPs. The meta description is interesting and valuable to them if many readers go to a post. So you have to write a good meta description of your post.



Step-20. Share your webpage multiple times: –



Different people will see your posts online at different times. So sharing your post multiple times improves your post’s search results.



You may want to consider a copyright blogger for this case. Check out the statistics seen in the post shared in this post –



copy blogger’s post



You can see that this short post has been shared a total of 829 times on various social media platforms. As a result of this kind of sharing, copyright bloggers have a lot of good aspects as well as social traffic.



Step 21. Tags and categories need to be checked: –



Checking tags and categories is very important because categories like your webpage rankings also rank in SERPs. So you must inject your post into any relevant section of your blog. Also, you need to use relevant tags in your posts that will help you explore it.



Step-22. Get deeper comments



If you check the top posts in SERPS, you will see that most of the posts have quite a few comments. Getting more comments on a post means more engagement. Search engines will be valuable for the pages that attract more people.



The more comments you get on your writing. The better your writing quality, the better. Use “Two to Action” at the bottom of your post. The more comments you get, the more engagement you can create. It will send a positive signal about your post to the search engines which will improve its ranking.



Step-23. Bounce rate should be reduced: –



To reduce the bounce rate of your site you need to increase or decrease the volume.



Step-24. You can extend the session time.



The average time spent by your readers is also important for increasing the rank of your post in the SERPs. So you should do it. If visitors land on your post and the distance goes out of your site. However, it is understood that your post is not suitable for ranking in that position. If you can’t extend this deadline, your post will soon lose its current position as well.



You can do strategies that may be helpful for you. Look for some people who live in different places. Ask them to search your post and read it for a long time. It gives search posts a better idea of your post.



Step-25. Many people try to search the page: –



It is part of increasing the CTR of your post. If people search for your target keyword and give more priority to seeing your post, its CTR will increase. It will soon improve the ranking of your posts.



You can request your friends or family members to search and view your page naturally. Suppose the current rank of your post is 40 in SERPS, and if your friends or you just search for the target keyword and go directly to your post, it will reveal that you are practicing it incorrectly.



Step-26. Wait and let the wave catch it: –



Finally, you have to wait. Getting everything right is the first thing to do and then waiting is the final stage of ranking your post. It is for any kind of success.



Sometimes the age of your webpage helps it to rank at the top of search engines. So expecting to work overnight is never a good idea. Some black hat SEO techniques can give you results in a very short time, but the result will not last long.



Step-27: – You have to bring a lot of traffic and be patient: –



The most important thing to start improving your site is to bring more traffic to your site. If you want to make money online and come to the first page by ranking, you have to work a little harder.



The more you write, the better for your site. Yoast SEO is a plugin for a WordPress site, but it can hurt you if you follow it blindly (read: Three Ways Yoost SEO Fools You!).



You should keep the ‘readability’ button green (readability score)  but for the ‘keyword’ button, you should follow the steps given by you even if the button appears orange or red.



So, by following the given steps, you can improve the Google ranking of your posts.



If you like reading the articles, be sure to share them with your friends. Your well-thought-out opinion is highly desirable to me. So if you have any comments on this, please comment below. I will gladly review your comment and try to reply.



Stay well.

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