How to Earn Money From ” Content Writing”. ( Reviews of 2021)

Make money by writing articles

We know how to write good writing. Making money is not a problem for them. You can earn thousands of dollars online by writing good writing. There are many websites online that keep readers updated on their writing. On some sites, they share their earnings with the authors. You can write different articles here and the more readers read your article or article, the more you can earn.

Article writing

Those who have the knowledge to write can do the work of article writing effortlessly. Article writing means writing on any subject. It may be in the language of your choice but there is a lot of demand for this job in English. However, if you work for a company, you have to write on the subject given to them. However, you can also earn a lot of money by writing articles on your blog. If you search online, you will find many such sites where if you write an article, you can earn a good income in return.

The best sites I know of are:

From all the sites that can earn by writing your valuable writing. I will discuss it briefly. I hope you will benefit from this. You can earn dollars by writing your writing on all these sites. Then find out without delay. Where to publish your article: –

If you want, you can earn a lot of money with all your writing sites, so friends, start writing today and earn a lot of money.

What you need to write good content:

Writing good content depends on its subject matter, a subject that provides accurate information and easy ideas about meaningful content.

It provides a perfect view of the chosen subject and provides a clear picture of the subject easily to the reader.

If you want to create good content, you have to pay attention to many aspects, then you can create good content. To create good content you have to look good in all aspects

All you have to do is:

1.Writing content should maintain good quality.

2.The grammar and spelling of the content should be correct. To write good quality content, you need to use correct spelling and grammar.

3.You decide before you write content. That you write on any subject. Then you need to read some content on this topic and understand the issues. You can find out about it online. Friends do not copy any type.

4.Later you can write an article on the topics according to your opinion.

5.Do not copy and paste any text. It can make your online world worse. Because no copied content will run online. Google can easily catch it.

6. The theme that you give to your content should be similar to your content. And the picture should be of good quality.

7.By writing content, you have to give the reader a subject-based message that he thinks. And read.

8.Do not use complex language. This can be a problem for those who read your content. And one time your reader will leave and will not come to your site. So whatever you write should be clear. And make it easy for your visitors to understand.

9. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You have to make sure that the end is good. The end of the article has to be completed completely.

10.What you are writing should be logical and complete. Its information should be strong. All information should be strong in the article.

11.Error or confused data should be avoided.

All in all, get started with the content you have decided to write and then start. Don’t give any wrong information. It can make your career worse. If you write well, your writing can be sold at a good price. So get started knowing what you are writing about.

Payment article websites There are mainly two types of paid registration sites.

  1. Upfront payment Here they will first review your article. If the article accepts their VMB. However, they pay.
  2. Performance Payment:

Performance Payment is an interesting site. Here, the payment is made based on the quality of the article viewer, depending on the quality of the article. If you are a good quality article writer, you can earn money by working on these websites.
Below are some trusted salary article websites for your convenience.


WOW! Women on Writing:

One thing Wow Women on Writing does really well is, they look after female writers, encourage them, and actually try to give emerging freelancers a chance. Their audience is diverse and all focused on providing great content for women.

Commission: – They pay up to $ 50- $ 100 per writing.

Payment system: – You have an option to request payment by PayPal or if in the US, by check.

Strong Whispers:

Here they provide readers with multiple articles on lifestyle, environment, and other social issues. Their range is wide.

You can get $ 50 – $ 150 per writing here.


Link-Able is a great way for high-quality writers to reach broad clients and publish money for the industry. It offers good rates that depend on your writing.
These include various businesses, finance, marketing, health, sports, technology, retail, and much more. You can write on any subject. The site will usually receive them with local English authors and a track record of high-quality work in English. The platform is simple and easy to use.

They pay up to – $100- $750 per writing.

This is basically a humor site. If you’re a fun/smart/creative person, offers a great opportunity to earn some extra cash with article writing.
You don’t need experience here. If the content is good then this is a great way to make money blogging. Their content also includes articles, photoshop, infographics, and videos.

They charge you $ 100- $ 200 on top of your writing.


If you want to work with CollegeHumor, sign up here: This is a very good article site. Basically, they tend to accept funny articles. If your writing is of good quality, they will pay you for it.

Love to Know

If you want to work Love To Know, sign up here: On the Love To Know site, they accept various articles related to finance and technology. You can write all the content related to money and technology and sell it here.


If you want to work cracked, sign up here: Cracked sites only accept funny articles. This is a very good site. You can work here too.

The Daily Heckle

If you want The Daily Heckle to work, sign up here: The Daily Heckle site basically receives articles about the latest news in the world. You can submit the latest news of the world here. They pay you if your writing is of good quality.

If you want to iWriter, sign up here: iWriter accepts articles in different categories. This is an excellent website for submitting articles. You can work here too.

Watch Culture:

It provides news, opinion, and entertainment coverage to millions of users worldwide every month. Every day dozens of writers will watch films, music, gaming, sports, television, they are making money from here.

You will see it from time to time in Sky News, Metro Radio, BBC Radio, Dublin FM, and national newspapers.

It is possible to earn more than – $25- $ 500 from here.

Developer Tutorials:

The tutorial provides its users with regular programming and design guides that keep them up to date on new and emerging technologies and strategies.

From here you can earn up to – $30- $ 50.

B. Michelle Pippin:

It provides sharp and high-quality business and marketing content to a wide audience. The site has a huge audience and a wide mix of business and marketing-related elements.

You can earn up to – $50- $ 150 from here for your good writing.

Metro Parent:

This site is open to experienced freelance writers to help them create content for their publishing group magazines and websites. Their general goal is to create a fun mix of fun and plenty of local stories for local parents. They enjoy reading.

You can earn up to – $50- $ 75 per writing from here.

Business, Career, and Finance

    eCommerce Insiders: – Pays-60- $ 150 for articles related to online retail.

    FreelanceMom: – FreelanceMom pays $ 75- $100 for posts about running a business as a busy parent.

    FreshBooks: – Gives পোস্ট 200 on a post and above.

    Acorns: – Provides $50+ for millennial finance writing.

    IncomeDiary: – Provides 50 50- $ 200 for online monetization-related articles including SEO, authorized sales, and traffic generation.

    Mirasee: – Pays -2 200 dollars for 1,000-2,000 word posts on marketing, business productivity, and growth issues.

    B. Michelle Pippin: – Pays-50- $ 150 for business-related articles.

Freedom with Writing: – Pay $50 for paid publisher lists.

    Copyhackers: – Pays $ 325 for articles on copying, branding, business management, and more.

    CEO Hangout: – Pays $50. They run posts about the CEO’s lifestyle, success stories, interviews, and other reporting features that interest business leaders.

    DailyWorth: – Pays $ 150 for women and money-related articles.

    Doctor of Credit: – Personal money pays $ 50 for articles that specifically focus on credit.

    Modern Farmer reportedly: pays about 150 150 for articles.

    Priceonomics: – Provides $ 1000 for a 2,000-word article in data and economics.

    RankPay: – Pays $ 50 for articles about SEO, content marketing, and social media.

    LiisBeth: – Depends on salary determination.


    Aish accepts: – They pay $ 200 for publishing. – For an article about college – pays $ 20.

    Dame: –Pays $200 for the said article.

    Guideposts: Christian pays $250 for faith-based essays.

    LightHouse: Writers who are blind or visually impaired pay $ 100 for raising articles.

    Brain: – Children publish long-form essays on various topics. Pays $300 for an essay of 1,500 to 4,500 words.

    The Establishment: – $125 for stories and essays.

    Eureka Street: –Australia and the world pays $200 to analyze or comment on politics, religion, popular culture, or current events.

    Skirt: – Pays $200 for articles on women’s issues.

Contently: – They pay around 35 cents per word for a freelancer-centric online magazine.

Family and Parenting

    Babble: Pays-$100- $150 for parenting, entertainment, pregnancy, beauty, style, food, and travel posts.

    Parent. co: – Posting articles about parenting and family issues. Salary starts at $ 50.

    Stork Guide: Focuses on pregnancy and parenting newborns and toddlers. They pay $50 + per post.

    Just Parents: – It focuses on pregnancy and parents. They pay $ 60 per post.


    The Anxiety Foundation: Provides $50 for mental health articles.

   The Atlantic: – The online health department pays $200.

Lifestyle and General Interest

    The Daily Beast reportedly pays $250 and up.

    Backpacker: – Gives on the basis of appointment.

    getAbstract reportedly: – Pays $ 300 for more writing.

    Gothamist: – Pays-$50- $150 for pieces reported about New York.

    The International Wine Accessories blog: Pays $50 and up for articles.

    Lifezette: – Pays-$100- $ 200 for articles on parenting, politics, faith, health, and pop culture.

    BBC Britain: $ 350- for various BBC sites. 1,000.

    Bitch Magazine: Salary is variable.

    BookBrowse: – Pay $ 50 for 600 words.

    Adoptive: – Salary based on the recruitment.

    New York Observer: – Pays $ 100 on posts related to politics and culture.

    Paste: – Pays $50 + for deposit in different regions.

    Upworthy: Up to $150- $ 200 for a -500-word post.

    YourTango: – Pay $50 for posts on love, sex, travel, mental health, and anything else.

    Playboy. com: – Pays up to $ 350 dollars.

    Salon: – Pays $ 100- $ 200 for articles and reported features.

    Smithsonian Magazine Online reportedly pays up to $ 600 for registered articles.

    TwoPlusTwo Magazine: Pays $200 for the original post about poker.


    A-List Apart covers web design: – They pay $200 per article.

    Indeni: – For posts covering checkpoint firewalls – $ 50- $ 200

    Tuts +: – Provides $ 100 and up for various technology-related tutorials including web design and Flash.

    WordCandy: – A word for the ghostwriting piece about WordPress gives 6-10 cents.

    WPHub: – Provides $100- $ 200 for best practice coding and other WordPress-related topics.

    Linode: – Pays $250 for articles related to Linux,, NoSQL Database, Game Server, Open Change, and Web RTC.

    SlickWP: – Pays $100 for posts about WordPress and Genesis Theme Framework.

Travel and Food

    Big Gray Horse page: – Texas-related posts cost $125- $ 200.

    Cultures and Cuisines: – Pays $ 200 per article.

    Fund Your Life Overseas: – Provides $ 75 for articles related to business ideas that provide substantial income for ex-sponsors in the United States.

    The International Wine Accessories blog: – Pays $ 50 for articles.

    Saveur starts: – $ 150 for amazing stories about food and travel.

    The Salt (NPR’s food blog) reportedly pays: – $ 200 +.

    Desert Times: – Pays-50- $ 100 for the culture and way of life of the people living there.

If you want, you can earn a lot of money by submitting your beautiful content or articles on these sites. In addition, there are many more sites where you can make money by working.

Until today, stay well.

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