Fiverr: Most important rule and regulation for your work?

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Discuss the rules of working at Fiverr?

Here are some tips to avoid order cancellation:

We need to have a clear idea of what we will give in terms of providing details of our gig.

1.You can give different bonuses to the buyer because everyone likes to get bonuses. You can decide what bonus you will give according to your gig.

2.If the buyer is not satisfied for any reason, you should try to fix it with revision.

3.Never accept an unjust request from the buyer, contact support if necessary.

4.In case of contacting support, you have to make a complaint in a few words, You must give a screenshot as proof. Mark the important places in the screenshot.

5.Try to give exactly what you promise in Gigi or more.

6.Talk to the new buyer and confirm what he or she wants.

I believe you will have no problem working on Fiverr if you work accordingly. Because Fiverr is a good marketplace. Some important rules of Fiverr can be suspended if not obeyed.

Fiverr is an online marketplace. Here seller makes a gig for a job. If a buyer needs that gig, he will buy the gig. In this way, income can be earned by making gigs in Fiverr.

Fiverr is an international marketplace. Whether services are sold here. Each service costs at least $ 5. Since it is an online marketplace, various online and technology-based services are sold here.

So if you want to work at Fiverr, you have to follow some important rules. Failure to do so may result in suspension.

About account:

1) An account can be created with 1 IP or computer/laptop. If you use more than one account, all of them are likely to be banned!

2.) You can run a mobile APP with WIFI.

3) You can use the account that you are using a computer/laptop in a mobile APP. But it is better not to use multiple mobiles.

4) Do not use more than one account in the same WIFI. Even if the device is different, it is better to have an account under WIFI. The reason is that even if you use more than one device. IP 1 will have a chance to disable your account.

Disable account:

1) If the account is disabled, you will reinstall Windows, you will reinstall the browser. Open a fresh account with a new email address and a new number. Come on,it won’t be a problem.

2) Do not add the same social media account to the account. If you want to add, do differently. As if there is no similarity with the previous one. And if it seems to be a problem, then it is better not to add.

New gig:

1) Do not paste any copy in Gig. Try to write everything yourself.

2) Upload 6 gigs in new condition. It has a better chance of getting a job.

Gig image:

1) Try to give a unique gig image. The end image will be simple and eye-catching.

2) If you enlarge the text in the image, BUYER will be able to easily understand your gig key on the topic.

Gig Description:

1) Write in Gig description very simple and direct forward. You will highlight the service decision. And if you can, make it a little description of fun.

2) If you follow the steps given in the picture above, a good gig description will be written which will help you to rank your gig.

Gig Keywords:

1) You will hear the gig keywords very well. Look at the keywords of the top 10 gigs, make a list of keywords yourself and give them. But don’t copy flowers from one’s work. Take 5 out of 5 people to work with things.

2) Try giving videos:

Fiverr is a marketplace where you can make money with whatever you want. In other words, Fiverr is a marketplace for buying and selling where you will sell a product, and a buyer will buy it from you. will offer the work that you can do on this site, and the buyer will do the work with you according to his need. So you don’t have to look for work here, but the buyer will find you to do his job.

I’m finishing here today. I hope I can tell you a little bit about Fiverr. If you like reading the articles, be sure to share them with your friends. Your well-thought-out opinion is highly desirable to me.

So if you have any comments on this, please comment below. I will gladly review your comment and try to reply. Stay well.

Be sure to sign up for Fiverr Account. And start working. It is your responsibility to change your life.

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