Fiverr Affiliates Program Commission Rate.(Reviews of 2021)

If you want to do Fiverr Affiliate Marketing and get a good commission from here. Then it is good to know how they give you affiliate commissions.

Commission Plan

Fiverr provides services in every digital segment suitable for every business need. Audiences are shown individually how each commission is paid, so they pay differently depending on which Fiverr product or service you want to promote.


It is the main fiber marketplace where you can buy or sell freelance services like writing, design, marketing, editing, video, etc. The commission for these services ranges from $15 to $50. You do not have to work hard to earn money here. At first, it seems a little difficult to do your job, but later it becomes easier. So let’s find out. How much money does Fiber pay for some work?

Fiverr Pro

Fiber Pro is an export version of Fiber where only vendors powered by the platform can provide their services. Since only high-rated professionals can be accepted here, the services are usually expensive. The minimum price of a Fiber Pro Gig is 100. Its value tends to increase according to the work.

The commission for all Fiber Pro services is $150.

Learn From Fiverr

Learn from Fiber is a platform academy where freelancers can take courses in their respective fields and polish their skills. They can take courses on digital marketing, design, and branding. Although Fiber courses are primarily aimed at freelancers on the platform, anyone can take these courses.
The commission for each course order is $30.


Fiber Freelancing Software acquired O&CO, which aims to provide more structures to freelancers and even small businesses. In particular, this SAS application helps freelancers to organize their jigs, keep track of time, and manage shipments efficiently.

The commission for each AND.CO Pro plan is $50.

In terms of work, commissions are given in different categories: –

Fiverr CPA Commission

Different commissions ($ 15- $ 150) are offered depending on the department from which the buyer purchases. Once your buyer makes a purchase on Fiber for the first time, you will be eligible for a CPA commission. This is called FTB (first-time buyer).

$ 150 commission is paid: –

1. Fiverr Pro – $150 commission for all Fiber Pro services.

$ 50 commission is paid: –

2. Whiteboard and animated commentators, videos, and animations.
3. Game development.
4. Proceeds from book and e-book essays.
5. Proceeds from architecture and interior design graphics and design.

$40 commission is paid: –

1. Proceeds from a variety of web and mobile designs, graphics, and more.
2. Income by developing e-commerce.
3. Revenue from website creators and CMS.
4. Income from mobile apps and the web.
5. Earnings from WordPress.

$30 commission is paid: –

1. Proceeds from selling new business plans to people.
2. Proceeds from data analysis and reports.
3. Earnings by creating short video ads.

4.Earnings from SEM Digital Marketing.
5. Income by discussing various aspects of website content.
6. Proceeds from proofreading and editing.
7. Proceeds from the 3D model and product design-graphics and design
8. Proceeds from Logo Maker
9. Income from web programming
10. Income by designing packaging

$ 25 commission is paid: –

Proceeds from articles and blog posts (writing and translating)
Virtual Assistant Working Income (Business)
Revenue from images (graphics and design)
Earnings from e-commerce marketing (digital marketing)
Income from voice-over (music and audio)
Translate income (composition and translation)
Income by product description (composition and translation)

$15 commission is paid: –

You can also get commissions from all other departments.


The Ultimate Affiliate Toolkit.

The Fiverr Affiliates program provides handpicked services to help you maximize your revenue and help you build, grow, and scale each authorized channel. I am discussing it step by step.

Web & Blog

This is the kind of work you can do on blogs and web sites

1. Allows you to create new content.
2. Can refresh creatives.
3. Regarding web and mobile content
4. Can do design work.
5. Marketing can be creative.
6. You can write about SEO.
7. You need to create your online presence.
8. You can create your blog brand with custom logos.
9. Increase the speed of content creation.
10. Content must be proofread.
11. You need to improve your search space.
12. You need to spice up your creatives.
13. You need to boost your social media marketing.
14. You need to improve your performance through web analytics.
15. You need to speed up the work on your channels.

Can work on web analytics and much more. Considering the scope of work, all you can do is: –


You can do that kind of work on Facebook social site.
1. The task of creating a Facebook account.
2. Facebook profile set up work
3. Work on various social ad designs
4. Go viral with short video ads
5. You can spice up the cover of your page.
6. Work to help edit videos
7. Express can provide 24H service.
8. The task of managing the Facebook business page
9. Work to boost your various tasks


Here you will find that kind of work. That is: –
1. Photo design work
2. Work to customize story icons
3. Instagram can promote various promotions.
4. Work to fix the account
5. Instagram filter design work
6. Work on creating videos perfectly
7. Work on designing social ads
8. Engage followers with GIF
9. Get it fast: Express 24H service
10. Extend your other channels

Youtube Channels

Here are the things you need to do to make a video on YouTube: –
1. The task of opening a YouTube channel
2. Designing YouTube thumbnails
3. You can brand your YouTube channel with custom art designs.
4. Pay more attention to intros and outros
5. Can help to edit the video.
6. Work to capture a wider audience with subtitles and captions
7. Work on product design
8. Video making work
9. The job of uploading videos.
You will also find many types of work here.

There are some good reasons why you should work on Fiverr. As far as I know and know, Fiverr is a globally recognized platform where you can easily earn many dollars by working. As well as affiliate marketing, you will also get a lot of dollar commission.
So let’s find out why you work on Fiverr.

Pros vs Cons

The advantages and disadvantages of using fiber include:


1. Fiverr is a globally recognized platform.
2. The network provides every skill imaginable to a customer.
3. High commission for all Fiverr Pro services and some selected original Fiverr services.
4. All approved links include a 12-month tracking cookie.
5. Possibility to generate deep links.
6. Fiverr allows promotion on social media.


1. Approved only gets a commission for first-time buyers.
2. Fiber Pro gives the Commission a cap on $150; This means that if the buyer buys a service for $10,000, you will only receive a $150 commission.
3. Not all Fiverr Gigs are of great quality so you need to be careful about what you are promoting.
4. While it is quite clear that the advantages of the Fiber Affiliate program outweigh its disadvantages. If you promote fiber in the right way, you can easily make $3000 per month.

Fiverr Referral Program

In addition to the approved programs, Fiber has its own referral program – and there are many differences between the two.

For example, to join a referral program you don’t need to fill out a sign-up form, you just need to register on the platform as a buyer or seller. If you have a Fiber account, you can only access the referral program from your account. To do this, click on your user’s image and select “Refer and get up to $100”.

How to navigate the Fiverr Referral Program

Your most important thing about the Fiverr Referral Program is that you are not paid as an approved payment or payment or as an authorized account, but you only receive Fiber Credit (currently $500 maximum).

If someone buys from your link, you will receive a 20% discount on their first order amount in your next order ($ 100 USD). Anyone who makes a purchase through your link will also receive a 20% discount. But like an approved program, the person needs to be a first-time buyer.

So while you don’t make any money with the Fiverr referral program, you can save at least $ 500 on your next order.
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Stay well.

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