Domain and Hosting Prices: Find out the Namecheap domain and hosting prices.

Today I will discuss the subject that you may have understood by now. Yes, today I am going to talk about reputable Namecheap domain and hosting. Those of you who want to open a new web site. Many of them are in trouble for buying domains and hosting.

Where to buy, what the price will be, which a good company is, etc. are in trouble. Today I am writing this Content so that you do not have to read this problem.

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In my opinion, the name of a very good domain and hosting company is Namecheap Company. In this post I will explain how much it will cost to buy a domain and hosting for your website.

There are many people reading my post right now who don’t have much idea about domain and hosting. I would like to say a few basic things about domain and hosting to help them understand.

Domain is used to determine the name of a website and hosting is used for a website. If you have a website, you can save your website data by using hosting there.

Just as no website can be named without a domain, you cannot store such data without hosting. So it is very important to know the price of domain and hosting to create a web site.

So let’s discuss the Namecheap Company’s domain and hosting prices:

But before that, let me say that a lot of privacy of a site is hidden inside the hosting. And if you buy hosting from a local company or organization to maintain the privacy of your site, you will not get privacy. So I would say, you buy the domain and hosting for your website directly from any good company. That will be good for you.

Find your domain name today

Domain Name:

To buy a good quality domain for your website, you can search for the domain of your choice by searching the Namecheap. Below is where you can take the domain you like. Which is for one year.

See below:

Domain Transfer:

In Namecheap you can take the domain transfer domain. Here you can see how much a domain value can be in a year. You can take the transfer domain based on it.

See below:

Namecheap TLD List:

You can see the image below to take TLD from Namecheap. From here you can easily buy TLD. Spend a little money which will be very easy for your work. To buy TLD.

See the picture below:

Personal Domain:

When you register a private domain. Then you create a brand name for yourself online by following your name .com, .me or .biz. You will like to send and receive emails with your custom email address. When potential clients see your personalized domain and email, they’ll know you’re a professional and you’re on the job. Make your claim today with the personal domain from Namecheap. You can register your domain for one year with $ 8.99.

See here: Personal Domain $ 8.99 One Year.

You can also buy more domains from Namecheap companies


Which of these domains in Namecheap is needed for your website? You can buy it right away today. I am working with Namecheap’s domain and hosting pack. So I can say Namecheap is the best in my eyes.

I will tell you how much it will cost to buy hosting from Namecheap among the best hosting companies. Because this site is at the top of popularity for buying domain or hosting almost all the time along with many offers. There are also many other sites whose data centers are directly in the UK or US. This is GoDaddy, such as. However, you can buy from any company. This is because a slight decrease in price may increase depending on the company.

The cost of hosting

You will get different types of hosting. You need to buy hosting depending on your site. That means you have to buy the hosting that will be good for your site. There are different packages of hosting. And the price of this package is also different as per the term. I have mentioned below the different types of hosting packages and their prices. You can buy whatever you like.

See picture below:

Shared Hosting:

Among the different types of hosting, shared hosting is a little more popular. Because in the beginning, almost everyone used this hosting for their site. This hosting again has many packages. Packages are primarily priced based on convenience and duration. The price of shared hosting has started from around $2.88. That means it is the lowest price. Which are about 241.92 Bangladeshi Money? Term 1 month.

Here’s how many dollars a shared hosting month will cost:

Here’s how many dollars a shared hosting year will cost:

Reseller Hosting:

The minimum price of this hosting is $18.88 or about 1585.92 Money. Whose term is 1 month. You will get more reseller hosting packages. Which is priced depending on the duration and convenience?

Reseller hosting month will cost:

Reseller hosting quarter will cost:

Hosting year will cost:

VPS Hosting:

VPS hosting starts at $11.88. Which is equal to about 997.92 Money. Its term is also for one month. However, you can extend the term just like another hosting. And there are many packages. You can choose any package of your choice.

Below is how much VPS hosting will cost per month:

Below is how many dollars a VPS hosting quarter will cost:

Here’s how many dollars a VPS hosting year will cost:

Dedicated Servers:

Dedicated servers tend to cost a little more. However, this hosting can give a lot more privacy. Many large companies use these dedicated servers for their own official websites. Prices start at $44.88 Which comes to about 3769.92 Money. Its term is also 1 month. However, you can extend the term. And there are other packages.

Dedicated server will pay per month:

Deducted from the dedicated server quarters:

Dedicated servers will earn per year:

 Email Hosting:

Email hosting starts at $9.50 Bangladeshi 798 Tk. This hosting also has many packages and can be extended for convenience.

Here’s how many dollars an email hosting year will cost:

 Managed WordPress Hosting:

Managed WordPress hosting costs a lot less. However, the price goes up with the package and the term. Managed WordPress hosting starts at $3.88.

Below is a summary of how much dollars a managed WordPress hosting month will cost:

Below is how many dollars a managed WordPress hosting year will cost:

All the domains and hosting that I discussed above the price of the type of hosting you can buy on a monthly or yearly basis. However, if it expires, you can renew it again. And if you want you can also change the package.

The estimated price in Bangladeshi rupees that I have mentioned may be more or less. Because the dollar is often more or less the same.

So far today. It seems that Clear has got an idea about the price of domain and hosting. See you again with any other important post on this site.

If you like reading the articles is sure to share them with your friends. Your well-thought-out opinion is highly desirable to me. So if you have any opinion on this, please comment below. I will gladly review your comments and try to reply.

Stay well. Stay Good

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