Best Namecheap Domain and Hosting Reviews.


Namecheap is a domain registrar and hosting company and today’s blog post will give a brief overview of Namecheap’s hosting and domain.

Namecheap Domain

There is a large space online Namecheap organization across. Here you can easily choose a good name for your website. And get very low prices. From here you can easily buy and use the domain without any hassle.

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Namecheap hosting

Namecheap Company is the lowest shared hosting pack online which has gained a lot of popularity due to its cheap price and quality hosting services. You can pick it up for your website.

Namecheap Hosting Pack: Buy Now Hosting

You will also get big discounts on the domain, hosting, SSL, and much more. The cost will be less here. You can get all the things on a good website by investing a little money. So, to let you know about the features I have come up with this interesting web hosting pack so that you can use it after you need to start your blog.

So, let’s talk about the benefits of the hosting pack.

Shared Hosting for just $2.88/mo

Shared Hosting Plans:

Here is some brief information about shared hosting plan which will be of great use to you: –

Hosting plan name: Shared

Annual Hosting Cost: Only 17.28

Free domain with hosting pack: no

Data Center: the United States or UK

Maximum number of websites to host: 3

Allocated storage for uploading your web content: 20 GB

Bandwidth: Unlimited

So, you can see that the cost per year for Namecheap standard hosting is $17.28 which is really incredible. And there are in your tastes.

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Initially, I was a bit skeptical about the hosting plan service, although my suspense went wrong and I was very happy. The cost of hosting was only $ 9.88 per year although I got very good service from Namecheap.

Therefore, you should be happy to know that you can create a site for around $ 20 in this hosting plan because hosting, a domain, and SSL testimonials only come in the mentioned amount.

Namecheap Hosting

The annual cost for quality hosting will increase after the first year of your hosting purchase which is only $ 17.28. This amount is also very low as it costs about  3 per month for your hosting. The web hosting plan comes with 20 GB of space which is sufficient in the initial stage of building your site. And the bandwidth is free with the pack, so you don’t have to worry if it gets a lot of traffic to your site.

Also, the data center of your hosting can be chosen as US or UK as per your choice. So if you want to build a web site. However, I would say that name cheap is a good company for creating your own web site. Then friends understand. What a good company Name cheap is.

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