Best “EasyWP Namecheap WordPress Hosting” for Website.

How are you friends must be good? I hope you will be good all the time. Today I will discuss EasyWP Namecheap WordPress Hosting. I hope you find it useful. And buy it to create your new web site.

NameCheap has added three new hosting packs to its hosting plan for WordPress website hosting only. Hope you want to see it.

 Here it is:

Monthly EasyWP Namecheap WordPress Hosting plan

Yearly EasyWP Namecheap WordPress Hosting plan

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Is it incredible? Perhaps you can hardly imagine any WordPress hosting pack at such a low price. The greatness of hosting packs is not only their amazingly cheap price.

Namecheap WordPress Hosting Pack

Name cheap Hosting:

WordPress hosting plan has been updated almost every time since its introduction. However, let’s start reviewing the pack from different angles.

Hosting Pack Name:

Buy Now Name cheap Hosting Pack

Namecheap has given a nice name to its WP hosting pack – EasyWP.

EasyWP Name cheap WordPress Hosting Pack contains three hosting pack names:

1.EasyWP Starter
2. EasyWP Turbo
3. EasyWP Supersonic

We can understand this through the name you can easily work here. In fact, we will check if WP hosting packs are easy to use, and if so, how?

Regular pricing of the pack:

EasyWP packs sell both on an annual and a monthly basis, but you get a full discount if you go for an annual plan. The annual regular price of the first hosting pack is very cheap.

See image below:

Buy Now Name cheap Hosting Pack

Namecheap price discount

EasyWP Starter:

Due to the full discount, the prices of the Namecheap WordPress hosting plan are $ 22.88 for the first year, respectively. And carries $ 29.88 as Renew Charge from next year. Which is actually a lot cheaper. In the first year, you can save 31%.

EasyWP Turbo:

With the EasyWP Turbo pack, you will get $ 26.88 for the first year and $  68.88 / year as Renew charges from next year. Here you can save 61% in the first year. Which is actually a lot cheaper.

EasyWP Supersonic:

In the EasyWP Supersonic Pack you will get the price of $ 28.88 for the first year and $98.88 / year as Renew charge from next year. Will get. Here you can save 71% in first year. Which is actually a lot cheaper.

Buy Now Name cheap Hosting Pack

The benefits of buying EasyWP WordPress Hosting Pack are: –

Features of Name cheap WordPress Hosting

Namechep’s WP plan comes with some interesting features and I will talk about all of them in this part.

Refund Guarantee:

NameCheap In this hosting plan, NameCheap offers a 30 day quality return guarantee time which is clearly visible on their site. You can take a look at it.

Protect your Business with an SSL certificate

High speed hosting:

If a site doesn’t load fast, the traffic to that site will decrease and you won’t like it either. Meanwhile, Namecheap Company is paying more attention. They built their WordPress hosting very fast by providing a high-performance cloud platform.

No plugin install:

You don’t have to do anything to cache your content when you host your WordPress site in Namecheap’s EasyWP plan. This is because it provides three (3) levels of advanced caching. All these things can be done with the EasyWP plugin. You do not need to install any caching plugins by yourself.

Storage and bandwidth:

The Namecheap allows 10GB SSD (previously it was only 1GB) storage in the EasyWP Starter hosting plan. Storage of this size is sufficient for a beginner. The other two hosting packs offer 50GB and 100GB.

Traffic Receipt:

NameCheap Hosting EasyWP Starter Pack can attract 50,000 visitors every month. As well as EasyWP Turbo hosting pack 2 lakh and EasyWP Supersonic hosting pack 5 lakh visitors will be able to come.

Buy Now Name cheap Hosting Pack

Control panel:

The web hosting pack doesn’t come with cPanel, but don’t be discouraged because they use an easy-to-use dashboard to control your WordPress site. That way, you get full control of your website.

1-click installer:

With EasyWP you don’t have to worry about a 1-click installer as NameChep ensures that you can get your WordPress website up and running in 30 seconds (no less than 30 minutes). I hope you understand that means you have to spend a few seconds before getting the live WordPress website from the installation.

Free Domain:

You need to buy a domain from NameCheap. Because the price of hosting here is very cheap. You will need to purchase a domain from NameCheap to host in the EGWP Hosting Pack.

Website number:

You can only host one (1) WordPress site in Namecheap’s EasyWP hosting pack.

Easy WP security:

NameCheap pays a lot for the protection of your content. For this reason, they will provide easy backup with EasyWP WordPress Hosting Pack which will protect your valuable content.


Here’s what Nemcheap says about their great customer support. So, you should not worry about it. Also, from my own experience, I always get better customer support from NameCheap than many other hosting companies.

Namecheap further mentions that their 24/7/365 support is available for their WordPress hosting plans. Truth be told, NameCheap is very sophisticated when it comes to helping their EasyWP customers.

How to do it:

Here is a feature of their live support that caught my attention recently.
Namecheap has created a separate section for their WordPress hosting users. This means that their EasyWP hosting customers should get better service when they ask for help.

Last words:

This is a fully managed WordPress hosting built by Namecheap, so you can be sure that the quality of hosting services will be quite promising. There are many reasons to use the WordPress Hosting Pack. Which is good for you to know.

Here are some of the key reasons:

1. Namecheap EasyWP is an easy-to-start WordPress website The method confirms.

2. It takes less than 30 seconds to open the page

3. EasyWP host maintenance is extremely easy.

4. NameCheap promises to give you a great momentum due to the installation of the cloud platform.

5. EasyWP Hosting’s price is quite affordable

6. They regularly back up and take care of your content.

7. There is a great opportunity to buy it for a month and test the hosting pack here.


Finally, NameCheap promises to add more features to this hosting pack over time. However, you can use the Namecheap EasyWP hosting pack without any hesitation.

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Stay well.

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