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About Me & Spandada.com

Surfing the internet is always my passion and 3 years back, I didn’t know that I could turn my passion into my dream profession.

Hey Friends, this is Simon Pan and I’ll tell you how I turned my passion into a profession?

about 3 years ago, when I was browsing something online, I found content about making money online. It was about affiliate marketing, I learned the whole thing from there and started working under their guidance. This was an affiliate marketing job.

I hope I can earn a good income from here.

spandada.com  On this site I am working with the amazon product.

I’m working on this product with Best Coffee Maker and Hair Clipper.

I hope I can do something better from here.

Wish you all the best.

Hair Clipper Reviews

Everywhere you look at the market. You will see that women advertise different products. Advertise the product to enhance their beauty and their different styling.

Along with the products and advertising of men and children. Among these, the most important thing for women, men, and children is hair care. I will discuss that topic on my site.

I will be giving you important information about the popular men and women taking grooming products such as stubble trimmers, pro hair clippers, cordless clippers, and nose hair trimmers.

It will play a helpful role in the product review, purchase, which will help you in your product purchase decision. I’ll even talk to you about some decorating tips.

I hope you can buy the products you like without any problems.

Please visit this website regularly to get updates on affiliate marketing.

For any information please contact: – simonpanbd@gmail.com

Affiliate marketing on the path to a beautiful life

Dear friends,

All praise is due to the great Creator – whose immense grace and blessing I have come to this point. I was able to open this website today. In this age of information technology, when the world is now able to bring in the hands of the world, Bangladesh is also moving forward with the blessing of new technologies in line with other developed countries of the world.

But sadly the people of Bangladesh are not getting the same amount of benefits as many other developed countries are using the technology. The main reason for this is that modern technology is far behind the people of Bangladesh compared to other developed countries

Has reached Although technology has reached every person in Bangladesh lately, there are still many people to whom the knowledge of technology has not yet been fully reached, hence my small effort to provide accurate knowledge of technology to all the people of the country.

I was a jobber at Simon Pan. But the serviceman has some fanaticism. Lack of freedom of the person is equivalent to slavery in one word, And so I came to know that affiliate marketing is a way where no one has to be under control, no one has to share their income, where the thought of having to leave a job life comes to mind right away.

And I’m moving forward with that goal. In the shadow of affiliate marketing, where there is a golden opportunity to enjoy life, there is plenty of time to give to the family, there is individuality and above all, there is the opportunity for passive income!

With just 5 hours to spare, I can spend the rest of my time with my family, friends and the rest of my time to be successful! Now I’m getting some fruit. Hopefully, I will not have any problems with the way of life in the future. I can stay well. I can live like this.

Through this site www.makemoneywithdada.com, I have planned to spread the knowledge of the technology to every people of the country. I look forward to helping everyone with this. If we all strive together, we certainly hope to succeed in our efforts.

What’s on this blog

Usually, I will share more of my own ignorance on this site. So that everyone can learn something from my experience. Besides, I will try to solve various technical issues.

Then I will share various tips, tricks, etc. on online topics; try to give you some helpful tips and videos on online income. Here I will try to give a complimentary video with each article.

So that you can understand all the things very well and learn something. I will share here some tips and tricks on digital marketing. And I’ll try to tell you all about digital marketing. And try to teach the basics.

I will try to give both article and video along with each period. Below are some of the topics I will discuss with you here, I hope that some of the digital products I have given you during your work will be of benefit to you. I hope you benefit.

Digital products are:

1. Open the web site:

** Domain (Namecheap. Domain, Godaddy, Blue hosting)

** Hosting (Namecheap. Domain, Godaddy, Blue hosting)

** SSL certificate (Namecheap. Domain, Godaddy, Blue hosting)

** Themes (Themeforest)

** Plugins (Themeforest)

2. To maintain the backing of Bengali and English content:

** Grammarly

3. I will also talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and try to teach it in episodes from basic to advanced level.

4. Affiliate Marketing I will try to know all the information in the English language.

5. For more information on the web site, please contact SEMrush.com.

I will try to tell you what I will teach you about more digital and physical income related issues. But I also want you to share your own knowledge or your experience on this site. Email me to contact me on this.

My email id is:-simonpanbd@gmail.com Our main objective is to give everyone accurate knowledge and information about technology.

So that we can know and inform advanced technology at the earliest. So, friends, I have opened my website to share my limited knowledge with the public. How to earn I will talk about this in detail. If your shared content benefits you, I will be very happy. Read the articles on my website.

Definitely comment. Let me know if you like it. Your comments will speed me forward. I hope you can give more and more well-written gifts for you. If you like, comment and share it with your friends so they can read. Stay well and stay with me

If one day

How are you guys, surely you are good, I got Shimon an affiliate market? I started working on this line on January 2, 2018.

At first, it didn’t feel good to do the job. With a little work, I could lose the apparatus. What does it take to affiliate? Where to start? But the YouTube channel has helped me a lot.

 From here, I learned about affiliate marketing and digital marketing. Besides, the director of Smnpost.com is a skilled affiliate marketer and digital marketer. He has taken digital marketing as a profession. And that’s what he does. I took a short 3-month training from his job, and after my efforts, I am in a fairly good place today. I wrote the first 3 content in Bangla, now I can earn a lot of money by writing content in Bangla. So I started with Bangla.

Then I bought a web site to publish it. Yes, guys, I bought a domain and hosting from the most popular site Namecheap.com now and I started my web site. The name of my first web site is “www.makemoneywithdada.com” This is a Bengali web site written in my mother tongue. When I first started working on my web site, it looked great. There was a lot of joy in my mind. Then I slowly set it up on my web site. Of course in the first case, I use the theme. Then I bought it and you can buy it from Theme Forest, a much better theme here. Plugin, Get Apps.

If I want to buy you can buy it from here. Then I bought an SSL Certificate for the security of my site from a famous site named cheap.com. I know there are many better-Hosting sites, among them: Namecheap, Domain.com, Blue host, HostGator Cloud, Hostinger, Site Ground, GoDaddy, Webhosting Buzz, A2Hosting, iPage, Dream Host, Green Geeks, etc. There are many other sites. I’ll tell you about Namecheap.com. Because in my opinion the best site. You can try it out once.

I started my work feeling very happy, I was writing 2 Bangla content every day, I could not write well for the first time. Slowly the writing tends to be good. And one time I applied to Google AdSense to make money. And for the first time, ever Google AdSense was accepted into my site without any problems.

Since then I have occasionally used my writing as an excerpt from Google AdSense. Then I started publishing my articles on various social media. Social Media is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, and many other sites. From here Traffic comes to my site and they read my articles. From then on I gradually started earning money.

Today I am earning a good amount of money every month from Affiliate Marketing. If you write a little better on the Bangla site, you will be able to get very easy ranking and if you are following a little SEO then you can easily get to the first page of Google. So, if you have less patience then I think some kind of online.

You can’t do the job. Because you need patience for every job. There is a lot of time and patience behind the success of every human being. If you can work patiently, I say success will never stop you.

In the first case, no thought of earning money cannot be brought to mind. Remember that you are working for your own sake, keep writing and publishing what you think will happen. In the beginning, many people will talk to you and do not listen to you. 

Running ……………………………